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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my account?

Registration process is very easy and will take a few moments to complete Simply click GET STARTED button and fill in all the required fields.

How do I make a deposit?

Quickly log in to your account, on your dashboard, click deposit, and choose your Investment Plan and follow the directions.

How long does my deposit take before it can reflect on my Xenith Capitals Investments account dashboard?

Your deposit will be reflected immediately once it is confirmed on the blockchain network and the Company's Wallet.

How do I make a withdrawal?

To make a withdrawal request, click on the WITHDRAW button at your dashboard and input the required details to withdraw.

How long does it take to process my withdrawal?

Once we receive your withdrawal request we process immediately and send to your receiving wallet

Can I have more than one account?

You cannot have more than one account only investors on special pricing plans are allowed to do so

Is this company properly registered?

Yes we are officially and properly registered with the United kingdom company house our company registration number is 13076717 and registered with the name AAA CAPITAL Group of companies

How many times can i make a deposit?

You can make as many deposit as you want on any of our pricing plans and any deposit request must be redeemed, you are also not allowed on the starters plan where you can only invest 3 times after which you would increase your Investment

Is AAA CAPITAL and Xenith Capitals the same?

AAA CAPITAL is group of companies which Xenith Capitals is under and most of the executives and team of AAA CAPITAL works for Xenith Capitals. AAA CAPITAL serves as a Parent Company and Affiliate.

Is it possible to visit the company office located at London?

Of course YES, we welcome our Investors and potential Investors to come physically to enquire and start investing, our worldwide investors who can't make it, simply use the website and Investments on here are secured and guaranteed.

Can I withdraw any day of my choice?

You can only make withdrawals on Fridays after the trading activities has ended and can only withdraw amount not lesser than $50 or $100 depending on your Pricing Plan

Can this company be trusted?

Of course YES! It's Properly Registered, it's Been running for years, we've acquired thousands of Investors worldwide with pleasant testimonies on TRUSTPILOT and the last but not the least, we also engaged in proprietary trading and Investing activities that involves all market sectors to provide enough profits for our Investors.

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